Welcome to WAeUP.Kofa
the Information and Registration Portal for Schools, Colleges and Universities

This is the default frontpage written in HTML. Kofa's CSS design is based on Twitter's Bootstrap. Visit the Bootstrap documentation for further information.

Kofa is part of the West African eUniversity Project (WAeUP). It is a powerful and comprehensive Student Management System. The software is written in Python and built upon the Open Source Grok Web Framework.

This is a demo site!

You can use this site for testing and demonstration purposes. Feel free to make any changes you like. Do not bother about damaging something. The portal is very robust. However, changes can be seen and affect all users who are currently online. They will last until midnight of the present day. Then the portal is automatically reset.

What can I do with the site?

You can login with following roles:

Role User Name Password Registration Number First Name
Portal Manager mgr (hidden)
Admitted Student K1000000 pwstudent
Self-registered Applicant app2018_105293 pwapp
Applicant without password 12345 Demo

If you want to login as a Manager, please use the enquiry form, just enter 'test account' and your email address. You'll receive the password by email.

Example Processes

Edit and Submit Application Form

  1. Click 'Application'.
  2. Click 'Demo Application in Update Mode'.
  3. Click 'Register for application'.
  4. Enter first name 'Demo' and registration number '12345'.
  5. Enter valid email address.
  6. Solve the captcha.
  7. Click 'Send login credentials to email address'.
  8. Check you mail box.
  9. Go to the login page and enter user name and password provided in the email.
  10. Fill application form.
  11. Add payment ticket.
  12. Logout and login as Portal Manager again.
  13. Navigate to the applicant.
  14. Open the payment ticket and click 'Approve payment'.
  15. Logout and login as applicant again. You are now in state 'paid'.
  16. Submit your application form.

Start Clearance and Submit Clearance Form

  1. Login with student credentials above.
  2. Upload your portrait (passport picture).
  3. Enter and save you email address and phone number
  4. Go to Payments and click 'Add current session payment ticket'.
  5. Select 'Acceptance Fee' and then click 'Create ticket'.
  6. Logout and login as Portal Manager again.
  7. Navigate to the student.
  8. Open the payment ticket and click 'Approve payment'.
  9. Logout and login as student again.
  10. Open the payment ticket. An access code has been created which can be used for starting clearance.
  11. Go to Clearance and click 'Start clearance'
  12. Fill the clearance form. This is the base configuration of Kofa. Only two fields are available.
  13. Click 'Save and request clearance'.
  14. Enter the CLR access code used for starting clearance.
  15. Click 'Request clearance now'.